Here’s the 7min version of ep9 preview..

It is not subbed though.. but there’s a translation for every scene..

thanks to the hard work of blue_angel of soompi.. And hoonfamily for uploading this in youtube.. 😉



Ep 9 Preview 7′- Boy over Flowers Drama

credit: dc and daum


Scene 1

JH, JD coming out of the school

JH: Is something bothering you lately?

JD: (smiles)

JH: Because of JP?

JD sneezes and coughs; JH touches JD’s wet hair.

JH: You’ll catch a cold.

JH takes off his hat and puts it on JD.

JD: It’s ok. It’s warm, thank you.

JH: Can I give you an advice?

JD: Huh?

JH: Don’t avoid it. Who’s the one who said it is cowardly to avoid?

JD: (smiles) Sunbae..

JH: Don’t avoid and give him a chance.

JD: Haha, telling you the truth, it feels burdensome to be dragged around JP’s world.

JH: There’s no such a thing as JP’s world and JD’s world.

JH touches JD’s shoulders and stares into her eyes.

JH: Just as you and I are of the same world, if JP’s world is burdensome, drag him to your world. Isn’t that your specialty?

JD: (Smiles) I’ll heed to your advice. Thanks sunbae. I’ll see you again later!

JH looks upon JD as she leaves. JH takes out JD’s mittens from his pocket and stares at them. (note: Remember JD left her mittens at JH’s house in Ep. 8?)


Scene 2

JD, GE standing at the street together.

JD He won’t come. He wasn’t happy at the idea….

GE:(smiling) Then why are you waiting?

JD: Who’s waiting for who? I was.. I was just waiting to meet your new boyfriend.

GE smiles knowingly

JP: But who’s this? Is it Geum Jan Di? (awkward laugh) What a coincidence…

JD: Coincidence??

JP: I was just passing by for some business and I saw a country bumpkin girl so I thought i might be you.

JD: So is that so? Then go on with your business. I was waiting for GE’s boyfriend.

JP: (screaming) Why are you waiting for someone else’s bf?

JD: Just leave!

JP: I’m done with my business. Do you want me to stay with you?

JD: Well…

JP: Isn’t it rude to interfere with someone else’s date?

JP: I’ll be virtuous. I’ll stay with you.

GE: That’s good, Jan Di.

JD: I’m getting a bad feeling about this.

JP: But why isn’t he coming. He’s already 30 minutes late. What kind of manner… (and stops when he looks at JD’s angry gaze)

GE: I’m sorry. I’ll try calling him.

JP: Hurry and call.

GE starts calling her bf.


Scene 3

JD is sitting in front of her school staircase. Her hair is wet.

JD:(coughing)How did you know I was here?

JH: You swim when you’re frustrated. Something is making you frustrated. So you would come swimming. Is that hard?

JD: If it’s about JP, I don’t want to talk about it.

JH: When did I say it was about JP?

JD: If he wronged me, I would just get angry at him, but this is about GE. They were just trying to help us out.

JH: Aren’t you talking about JP now? Can I answer?

JD: Anyway, I can’t forgive him this time. If GE breaks up because of this, how would I ever face JP again.

JH: You said you won’t talk about him, but you keep doing so…

JD coughs.

JH: I was hoping you wouldn’t need it (he takes out medicine from his pocket and gives it to JD). If you don’t dry your hair after swimming, you’ll catch a cold. (he touches JD’s hair)

JD sneezes again.

JH: See.

JD: Sunbae…

JH: Thankful? Then I’ll say one more thing. There’s no such thing as “just because” when it comes to a guy concerning a girl he likes. There’s always a reason.

JD: Huh?

JH: I’m speaking from experience so you can trust me.

JH pets JD’s head as he leaves. JD looks upon JH, and then smiles as she looks at the medicine.


Scene 4

At the library

(GE puts her tea cup down.)

YJ: It looks pretty weak, huh?

(YJ tosses the cup to the ground, but it doesn’t break. GE is surprised and stares)

YJ: It’s stronger than it looks. Do you know how long it took for this to become like this?

(looks at GE)

YJ: Sorted, stepped upon, cut, and then put in a burner at 1300 degrees. That’s not the end. If, after the process, it’s still not right, then it needs to be tossed. Like this.

(He hammers it. GE is shocked. The cup breaks into a thousand pieces.)

YJ: In order to get stronger, this is the process you must go through. Like what you experienced today.

GE: I think I understand what you’re saying. Thank you.

YJ: Then shall we go out now?

GE: Where?

YJ: I’m having a bad day today as well. On a day like this, you should have fun. Let’s go.

YJ grabs GE’s hand and drags her out. The two walk the streets holding hands. Other girls stare at them. They enter a club.

Girl1: It’s So Yi Jung, So Yi Jung! What do we do?!

Girl2: It’s So Yi Jung, Wow!

credit: soompi forums

translator: blue angel 1004