In the recent episode of YaShiManMan last monday, February 02, 2009.. As part of the continuation of Kim HyunJoong’s guesting.. He sang Dahaengida which is a memorable song for all JoongBo fans..

Here’s a cut of HyunJoong singing Dahaengida posted by Rainbowccy of youtube..

translation and eng sub of the song is on the About JoongBo page..

As i was watching HyunJoong sing..

I cant help but to feel a pang of sadness..

His eyes seems sad while singing the song though there’s a forced smile on his lips..

I feel like while he was singing, he was remembering Buin..

Coz this is his song for Buin.. Is he missing Buin???

I’m feeling melancholy with him right now.. 

Aren’t we all???