Kim HyunJoong who turned from a singer to an actor through KBS 2TV ‘Boys Over Flowers’, has been labeled as gentle guy all thanks to his role as flower-boy representative of F4, Yoon JiHoo.

Is Kim HyunJoong a gentle guy in real life? With regards to this, Kim HyunJoong’s representative said on 2-Feb “Many people has the misunderstanding that Kim HyunJoong’s character is rather feminine due to his beautiful appearance. However, his real character is quite different from his appearance.”

Regarding that, the representative added “The rather correct expression is ‘tough’.”

Reporter met with Kim HyunJoong personally and he disclosed “I hate to be called ‘beautiful’ the most. For people who know Kim HyunJoong first before Yoon JiHoo, they would say that it’s a pretense when they watch ‘Boys Over Flowers’.”

“I am similar to Yoon JiHoo in terms of being someone who is doesn’t really understand moral principles and doesn’t really talks about achievements. I am more masculine than gentle.”

Kim HyunJoong has been studying acting in every spare moments during the filming for ‘Boys Over Flowers’ in order to become a successful actor.

credit xiaochu Qauinte501