Let’s take on the most recent one..

At the same day and time that HyunJoong’s YaShiManMan guesting was aired on February 02, 2009.. HwangBo was also seen guesting on Olive’s Star Style Special.. ( Star Style aired at 11:00 while YSMM was around 11.10)

She was so pretty.. Buin must really be in-love!!! She’s getting prettier and prettier  day by day.. or should we thank her stylist???

A lot of questions regarding Kim HyunJoong and We Got Married were asked during the show.. Scenes from WGM and pictures of JoongBo were also shown on the program..

Let’s just hope that there will be a kind soul who’s  willing to sub the episode..

You can watch the 5 parts raw video of Star Style Special in Youtube under Rainbowccy‘s account..

Link of part1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_Fp8-zCn8s&feature=channel


In the last episode of Infinity girls where they guested Kim Kyung Rok which we all know who’s a close friend of HwangBo since the X-man days..

their closeness was evident on the show as they were really chummy with each other..

pictures credit to rainbow_08 of soompi


pictures of the first episode of the show she is hosting, Living Beauty..

Sad that there aren’t much news regarding her new show after its first episode..

I’m really missing HwangBo.. We are seeing her much lesser now than before.. we can only see her on her shows.. aside from that we really have to wait for her performances and guestings..

Unlike Kim HyunJoong whose drama is the talk of the town right now and has been gaining wide popularity..

I hope we can watch the eng sub versions of these shows (YSMM and Star Style) so that we can spazz and CSI again on their answers and see what’s really the real score between these two beings that we love so much..