Muish has subbed part2 of Kim HyunJoong’s guesting in YaShiManMan 090202 episode..

Many Many thanks again Muish.. You’re a lifesaver!! 🙂

For this episode, there will be only 1 part of HyunJoong’s cut since he was only on the first half of the program..

My head is actually screaming when i heard his answers to kang HoDong’s questions that seems pointing to Buin.. (I can only scream in my head so that no one will hear)

I’m not saying this because I’m a JoongBo fanatic..

But there’s really an eerie, wierd, thin line in his answers.. its like he’s giving hints to everyone who is craving and dying to know what’s really going on!!!

He’s like an oasis in a desert.. Now I getting poetic!!!

I have to stop this!!! I’m wanting more!!!! LOL~~!


Here’s is my favorite part of the show!! 🙂

Q: What style of women make you fall for them right away?

HJ: Comfortable like a friend.. and down to earth.. I think i like women who just does whatever..


OMO!!! Don’t you think he’s pertaining to Buin??? It can only be Buin!!! waaaaaaaaah!!!! otoke!!!!


Q: If you want her to be your girlfriend, What is the song you want to have her listen to?? The song that fits Kim HyunJoong..

HJ: I like Lee Juk sunbae’s ‘Daehaengida’ (I’m glad/fortunate).


Hodong started his question with ‘If you have a girlfriend you love’.. then he followed it with or changed it to ‘If you want her to be your girlfriend’… Is Hodong covering up our Ssangchu couple???? He’s a good friend of Buin.. and if there’s really something between HB and HJ, I’m sure he knows it..

The song ‘Daehaengida’, as all joongboers know it, was the song Sshillang sang to Buin when they moved to a new house.. It’s his song for her when he was not able to memorize and play ‘Bogoshipda’ in piano.. during this time, was he already proposing to Buin???

I’d like to Believe it is what it is!!!

I’m just happy with the JoongBo world created by our Ssangchu couple..

I’m still a believer!!! 😉