For all Kim Bum fans..

It is sad to hear that Kim Bum has been in another car accident.. in the same month.. It’s not that serious though.. but this incident has something to be wary about..

Calling out all BOF PDs!


Kim Bum in (yet another) accident

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 Yikes! And I thought that now that each main cast member of Boys Before Flowers has an accident to his or her name, we’d be clear of any more misfortunes, but it’s car collision number two for 19-year-old Kim Bum.

The accident occurred on the morning of February 9. He was heading to work, riding passenger in a car that hit the guardrail of the road. He was admitted to a Kangnam hospital, where he was treated for his injuries.

According to one source at the hospital, the accident wasn’t severe, but part of his leg was injured and the skin was torn. Although it is considered a minor injury, as this is his second accident in recent days (his first occurred on February 1), he was told to get medical attention and rest. He has already undergone MRI tests and received some treatment, but this is not expected to affect filming schedule. (Which, as we know, is tight enough as it is.)


The injury has been identified as to his right foot; his big toe required stitches.

Following a shoot at the Yangpyeong English Village the day before that extended all night, he was on his way back to Seoul at 7am when the accident occurred. His manager was exhausted and dozed briefly while driving and hit the guardrail. The vehicle was pretty damaged, but Kim Bum was sitting in the rear seat and was not much hurt, apart from the stitched-up toe.

Kim Bum was admitted to the hospital but plans to check out the same day. He is not scheduled to film on the 9th or 10th, so will rest at home, and should be fine for all further shoots. Looks like the tollgate injury was merely the first accident, at which time he experienced slight hip pains, for which he was treated.

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Kim Bum’s Accident posted in Youtube

credit: hoonfamily


Pictures of the Accident

the MPV hit the guardrail

source: hoonfamily@YT