Flower Boy Kim HyunJoong’s appearnce on Park JungHoon Show, on a positive note..

KBS 2TV ‘Boys Over Flower’ Kim HyunJoong has received a request of  appearing and performing on the Park JungHoon Show,  and is positive on considering the show.

A representative of DSP agency, on the afternoon of  December 8, has confirmed with Star News in a phone call that a representative of Park JungHoon Show has requested a public guesting of Kim HyunJoong on the show.

On the side of Park JungHoon show, An official has disclosed that they want to invite all of the F4 but are not sure if the invitation was being considered by the other F4 members.

Meanwhile, Boys Over Flowers has broke and reached the 30% nationwide rating program and rose to the pole within a month.


news source: starnews


Deep Talk with Park JungHoon is a KBS2tv show aired every Sunday in Korea at  10:25 pm (seoul time)..

They have a reputable list of celebrities that have guested on thier show.. having Jang DongGun as their first..

1. 20081214 – Jang Dong Gun
2. 20081221 – late Choi Jin Shil (represented by Choi JinYoung)
3. 20081228 – Jung Woo Sung
4. 20090104 – Kim Tae Hee
5.  20090111 – politicians
6. 20090118 – Ahn Sung Ki
8. 20090208 – Cha Tae Hyun & Joo Jin Mo

information credi to Huangsy of soompi..