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Walking sculpture, commonly being called ‘KulJo’ (shortened name from the Korean word of ‘walking sculpture’) idol star who successfully turned into an actor, Kim HyunJoong has signed a contract for 1 year as a model for ‘HOTSUN CHICKEN’.

With his first ever drama creating a syndrome all over, getting appraisals as the blue chip in advertisement sector, Kim HyunJoong signed a 1 year model contract with Hotsun Chicken who are venturing into the roast chicken market. The commercial film will be filmed around March.

Director of Hotsun Chicken, Mr Kim DongJin said “In order to make Hotsun Chicken’s products to perfection, we invested lot of funds and time on R&D in 2008. Now that we have finished our preparations and inspection about our products, we need to strengthen our public relations portion to let everyone know about Hotsun Chicken branding. Getting popular star Kim HyunJoong as our PR representative, it is the best way to let others know about Hotsun Chicken’s competitiveness.”

Hotsun Chicken which managed under Hasun Food System, invested 5 years developing their products and 12 billion won for their research development cost, to improve on their main menu product, baked chicken, and develops the new market for roasted chicken. Not using even a single drop of oil, ‘Baked Chicken’ still gives a crunchy fried taste, thus receiving good reviews as a suitable as food for well-being.

Hotsun Chicken’s model Kim HyunJoong acts as F4 member ‘Yoon JiHoo’, who has a sad past of losing his parents when he was young, in KBS 2TV Mon-Tue drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’, holding rather high-profile among fans.

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