On Infinity Girls Valentine’s Day Special, the girls made some homemade chocolates..

To whom did they give their hearts???

Recepients of their love chocolates.. are to be seen..

Preview of the said episode below..

And It seems that Buin gave her chocolates to Ryu ShiWon..

What I know is that girls give chocolates during Valentine’s Day to boys/guys they like and girls receive candies during White Day..

Is Buin covering something???

I believe she purposely didn’t give her chocolates to Sshillang to avoid more associations to him..

And trying to tone down all the talks and rumours !!!

And divert everything to Ryu ShiWon which the only relationship that I can see on them are as siblings..

I think she just don’t want to be teased again!!!

It was so easy to just give it to Kim HyunJoong.. and it was soooo  understandable since he was her husband..

Hmmmm.. I smell something that is not visible to naked eyes..

Nevertheless, I STILL BELIEVE!!!