I have come across of this article..

Well.. I don’t know what to say..

He’s actually a nice guy.. I actually don’t know how to react..


HwangBo wants to marry Ryu ShiWon

Singer HwangBo has revealed that the man she wants to marry is actually actor Ryu Shi Won.

HwangBo has even attend Ryu ShiWon’s concert last December in Japan Tokyo. She said on MBC Every1 ‘MooHan Girls’ that she had personally made chocolates for Valentines’ Day for Ryu ShiWon as a form of gratitude.

HwangBo had met with Ryu ShiWon at the airport before he left for Japan, “When I’m bored, I will call him and he will tell me interesting things; he also often treat me to meals.” When asked on the show by Park Bo Ram, “How is Ryu Shi Won as someone you want to marry?” and she answered, “I have thought of that. But I just want to leave him as a good friend for life.”

Ryu ShiWon had also spoken up, “There were scandals that arose after people had caught us eating out together. But HwangBo is just a friend whom I haven’t met for a long time.”


credit to K Bites via sookyeong.wordpress


I think they have been long time friends.. and I read that they are racing buddies..

And Ryu ShiWon is really really a nice guy.. No wonder HwangBo likes him..

But.. BUT.. I think he’s like a ‘Too good to be true’ guy..

I’m not saying that he is too good for our Buin.. But why do i feel that he’ll just bore HwangBo..

Am I mean to think this way???

What HwangBo needs is a ‘Bad Boy’.. the Blunt type of guy..

You all know who I mean..

Or I’m just being fanatic again!!! lol~~! 😀