Kim HyunJoong revealed that while he fainted while he was filming in Macao from fatigue while filming episodes 13 and 14.

He didn’t want to film that day because he was sick, but they only had a certain number of days to film in Macao so he had no choice. “I was walking and I just fainted.”

He recieved treatment in a medical room in a hotel nearby and recovered. He said, “I haven’t had much sleep since the drama started because of the schedule and I’ve been getting alot of pressure from acting as well.”

He also said “I find the energy to continue filming through the love of my fans.” He hasn’t had much to eat these days either so he lost about 3~4kg.

Meanwhile, the reason they were in Macao was to film episodes 13, 14 which will be aired on the 16th and 17th. The 13th episode will pick up from episode 12.

IT will begin when the members of F4 are in college and Geum Jandi is a senior. Jandi and Junpyo will meet in Macao and the story will continue from there.


Source: cyworld news &no cut news
credit to SHINEE_jonghyun… of soompi