It is well known to the public that HwangBo has given her homemade chocolates to Ryu ShiWon during the Valentine episode of Infinity Girls..

Now the question is.. Is Ryu Shi Won smitten with our HwangBo??? Will he be joining the long list of admirers of HwangBo???

Ryu ShiWon has updated his cyworld and made the chocolates as his minihompy background..

Not only that.. RSW’s questions during the show were nerve wracking!!!

It was actually endearing to watch how they interact..

You can see that they really have a close friendship..

Spot Translation (RSW cut)

Credit and thankyou jaejoongie of soompi for translating!!!

RSW said, “Why did you give me this?” (chocolate)
HB said, “Usually you give Valentine to people you love or your boyfriend, but the latest trend is to give it to those you are thankful to.”
Then RSW replied, “Thankful? What are you so thankful of?”
HB was like… “…uh… I thought really hard but there was nothing I could be thankful for! So what! Ok fine I admit, I used your fame as a hallyu star to my advantage!” (of course she seemed like she was trying to think of whatever excuse! haha! They’re really close friends RSW even used informal words toward HB by accident in the interview.)
RSW said looking at Hwangbo funny, have you ever thought of me as a man? (thought of marrying him?)
Then HB looked flustered and surprised saying, “Why do you ask me that kind of question? Are you interested in me?”

Then RSW was like, “Answer the question!”
and HB said, “I don’t think you’ll like me saying the reason why I never saw you as a man.”
RSW was like, it’s okay they can cut the scene if it’s inappropriate.

HB was like “Really?”
Then RSW was like wait! and HB whispered something into RSW’s ears.

And he was like ooh I see.
Then he followed up saying… “So you could’ve seen me as a man, but there was a reason why you couldn’t so you stopped yourself seeing me as a man. But if the reason wasn’t there you would’ve seen me as a man.”

Then HB said, “Of course! I’m human too.”

In the interview somewhere (during the brain drawing) There was a little corner for Thinking of what a married life with RSW would be like.
And somehow the talk turned to this.

it was so cute I couldn’t stop watching. I really think they would make a cute couple haha.
And the first thing they did when they saw each other was hug! aww, and then HB continued on with linking arms with RSW. (ROFL full flirt mode??)
RSW was also teasing that it was a lie that she made the chocolate herself, saying he knew this brand. And HB was like “I made this myself! You don’t trust me?”

Don’t mind me.. I’m just spazzing..

I’m not trying to make something out of nothing..

But..well..  i’m just intrigued if RSW was not smitten with HwangBo.. or was he just teasing her.. I think it’s the first one.. hehehe..

Actually.. RSW is not bad for HwangBo.. or is it the other way around??? lol!!

 and OMO!!! HwangBo’s answer!!!! What could that reason be??? Is it a person??? hwahhhhh!! ***pulling my hair****

pictures credit to dcinside