Kim HyunJoong Fainting, Caused by Psychological Stress and Tension

It made fans heartbroken to find out that Kim HyunJoong had fainted while filming for his drama.

Playing the role of Yoon JiHoo in ‘Boys Over Flowers’, Kim HyunJoong fainted due to fatigue from the overseas filming in Macao. He was briefly treated in the hotel’s medical clinic before joining back to the filming scene and continued with the rest of the filming.

Kim HyunJoong, who likes Korean food, had replaced his meals with instant noodles which he brought from Korea as the main diet in Macao is bread. And during the overseas filming in New Caledonia, he had shed off 3~4kg of weight.

He also revealed that he suffered stresses from the burdens of acting due to insufficient sleep during the initial drama filming.

In the upcoming episodes of ‘Boys Over Flowers’ to be broadcasted on 16-Feb & 17-Feb shows Geum JanDi going over to Macao to look for Goo JoonPyo. The development of these 2 episodes has already aroused the interest of many viewers.


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