Yijung: Queen Elizabeth liked this piece. Do you like it?
Jaekyung: Wow. You’re giving this to me?
Yijung: Both a dish and a man are waiting for a woman who will appreciate them.
Jaekyung: Thank you. I can give it to Le-Ong as his new food bowl!
Yijung: Le-Ong?
Jaekyung: It’s the name of my pet lion.
Yijung: ……lion?
Jihoo: You work part time here now?
Jandi: It’s not part time. I’m volunteering. I just clean and run errands but when i’m here i feel comfortable and i get my studying done.
Jihoo: It’s fascinating.
Jandi: What is?
Jihoo: That you can work so hard on everything.
Jandi: I’ll go in now. Bye.
Jihoo: Geum Jandi. I can clean well too.

Jandi: Hello!
Old woman: Pretty girl! Why are you coming now?
Jandi: I was in school~
Little girl: Hello~
Jandi: Hi~ Hold on, ok? Hello! [jandi goes to the old woman] You waited a long time, right? You have to take your temperature now. Tuck it in tight here. And I need to take your blood pressure.
Doctor: [to patient] Eat here on Sunday, ok? Go home safely. [sees Jihoo. jh runs out] Jihoo! Jihoo!

Jandi: [picks up the phone] Hello~? WHAT?!?!!? You and Yijung sunbae are..are doing what?!?!
Gaeul: DATE.
Jandi: No! You can’t, Gaeul!
Gaeul: Why? Yijung sunbae is not a bad person.
Jandi: He’s not a bad person.. of course he’s not a bad person but… in F4 he’s the biggest..
Gaeul: Biggest…?
Jandi: Anyways! Gaeul! Gaeul, shouldn’t you think carefully about this?
Gaeul: I don’t know. He said he’ll pick me up in the morning tomorrow. That’s why i’m planning on sleeping early. I’m not even sure if i’ll be able to fall asleep. Good night Jandi~ Bye~~
Jandi: So Yijung? So Yijung? SO YI JUNG?! [dials number] Jihoo sunbae, pick up your phone please!!

[jandi’s head] Yijung: Gaeul~ Hello~

Jandi: No.. no.. NEVER!!

Chairman Kang: Do you know what this means? What do you think will happen tomorrow if our negotations with JK group breaks? Our entire company will become trash overnight. Will you allow your immature love game to bring down the Shinhwa Group that your grandfather and father built with blood sweat?
Junhee: That’s enough. Junpyo, go out.
Chairman Kang: I’m not done. Joonpyo, starting from tomorrow you will treat Jaekyung as your fiancee, understand? Aren’t you going to answer?!
Junhee: I told you to go out. [jp leaves] Was I not enough?
Chairman Kang: Don’t get involved.
Junhee: You needed a hotel, so you sold your daughter. You need an investment, so you’re selling your son. If you need something again later on, what are you going to do? You don’t have any more children left.
Chairman Kang: I’m doing this for you guys.
Junhee: And who makes that decision? Who in the world said that? That it was all for us? Up until now, I’ve never felt that you did any of this for us.
Chairman Kang: Who do you think gave you the happiness that you’re talking about?
Junhee: Did you say happiness? Do you even know what happiness is?
Chairman Kang: I don’t have time to listen to your complaints.
Junhee: Leave Joonpyo alone!
Chariman Kang: I told you it’s none of your business!
Junhee: This time, i won’t just sit back and watch.

Jandi: What’s wrong?
Jaekyung: Joonpyo.. Goo Joonpyo…
Jandi: Did something happen to Goo Joonpyo?



credit to: hoonfamily of youtube and TW1NKLE@soompi for translating..