DongBangShinGi member Hero JaeJoong praised Kim HyunJoong who acted in KBS 2TV ‘Boys Over Flowers’.

Hero JaeJoong said in the interview with KBS 2TV ‘YunYeGaJoongGye” broadcasted on 21-Feb, regarding his best friend, Kim HyunJoong’s acting “Even though I wasn’t able to watch much of ‘Boys Over Flowers’, it seems like he had done well.”

Another member of DongBangShinGi, Xiah Junsu was recently praised by Moon GeunYoung in his minihompy, and he sang a song to thank her.

And when being asked by the reporter which role would they want to take on in ‘Boys Over Flowers’ if they have a chance to act in it, they said they want to act in ‘Girls Over Flowers’ and Xiah Junsu wanted to act as ‘Geum JabCho (weed)’, making everyone laughed.

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pictures credit to dcinside