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Kim HyunJoong who acts as Yoon JiHoo in KBS 2TV ‘Boys Over Flowers’ has an unknown tear-breaking and filial piety story behind him. Kim HyunJoong’s mother JungYeonMi said to IS in an interview on 19-Feb “HyunJoong is very sentimental child even though he is blunt and doesn’t talk much.” She also talked about the story of crying when she received a gift of beauty products from his son recently.

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Family photo of pretty boy Kim HyunJoong (Left up) taken 3~4 years ago, a precious photo that was hung in their living room. Family photo was taken together before Kim HyunJoong’s elder brother Kim YoungJoong left for USA for his studies

Kim HyunJoong’s mother said “He came come a few days ago and put the beauty products on the dining table. I asked him what is that and my son replied ‘Mum, I bought for you to use. Now can you please learn to enjoy life? Can you don’t do the work at the market anymore?’ and some other good-talking.”

She continued “I talked to my son’s uncle whom he is very close with to discuss what should I do. Uncle said ‘HyunJoong came over to find me not long ago, he said he suddenly saw his mother’s face and that there was more wrinkles than before, he was so heart-broken. Then he went to the restroom to cry because he hates being seen crying.’ After which, he asked his uncle which beauty products are good to smoothen wrinkles as he wants to purchase it as a gift. Hearing that my son went to the restroom to cry, I felt really bad. Now, I am considering to stop my clothing business at DongDaeMoon market.”

Kim HyunJoong’s parents folded up their poor business during IMF (financial crisis time) and started their clothing business at DongDaeMoon which both of them have to work until very late together. Kim HyunJoong who was a high school student at that time, dropped out from school to work part-time to earn himself a living while preparing to debut as a singer.

JungYeonMi said “Because we wanted to raised our son as a strong kid with responsibility, we pretended not to know when he came back from his part-time work at wee hours in the morning. My husband and I would go to the restaurant that our son was working at and waited outside for an hour every night to look at him and we cried. Even though the lights were on while we wait for our son to return, the truth is that we would turn off the lights and pretended that we were sleeping just before he reaches the front door.”

Kim HyunJoong has been thrifty while being active as a singer to save money for his brother’s overseas studies fee. Recently, his filial piety can also be seen when he gave a new car to replace his father’s 10 years old car.

JungYeonMi said “I always say to my son to pray to god before they start to do anything. We opposed to our smart son, who managed to get grade 3 in Chinese Character Competence Test during elementary school, to get into the entertainment industry, but we believed in him when we saw his persistence in doing what he wanted to do. I am proud of my son.”


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My respect for this man is getting leaps and bounds..

It’s so touching to hear how he love his family and the sacrifices he has made..

With all he has gone thru and experienced in life..

As a fan.. we can be proud of him and can say that we supported the right man! 🙂