“He was a student who is not (?) popular among female students.”

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Kim HyunJoong received all the love from female fans to himself through the role of Prince Charming Yoon JiHoo in drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’ (KBS 2 TV). However, he is an ‘ordinary guy’ who doesn’t catch any attention from female students of his same age while he was younger.

Kim HyunJoong said “Usually artistes would have female students lining up in front of their house from their student days onwards, but that is not the case for me. Maybe that is because I started wearing glasses from 2nd year elementary school onwards. And maybe that is also why I don’t have much interest about female students.”

Kim HyunJoong was born in Seoul in 1986, the year where the Asian Games took place. We asked his mother Mdm JungYeonMi about her pregnancy dream, she recollected, “There was a huge truck filled with radish, and I saw a unique lovely one right at the top. I spread out my apron to catch the radish which was falling down but it was so awfully big that I stumbled back sitting down. The place where I sat had clean water running.”

At his 1st birthday, he took writing brush, pencil and notebook, so we were all expecting him to become a scientist. And also, because of his exceptionally big and pretty eyes, people always called him ‘Morning Star’ when he was young.

Kim HyunJoong was an ordinary student. Did not suffer from any serious illness, he is a role model son who has not disappoint his parent’s expectations of him. He had been class monitor or vice monitor during his elementary school days. His report card was always marked with ‘Excellent’ in it.

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His dream when he was young was to become a scientist. Kim HyunJoong recalled “When I first saw aircraft and such, I thought of making such things. I wanted to be a scientist who is able to make those kinds of robots that we see in comics and movies.”

Kind son Kim HyunJoong made his own suggestion for the first time to his parents when he is in 4th year of elementary school. Kim HyunJoong who likes Taekwondo, swimming, soccer, etc, suddenly announced one day that he wants to become a soccer player.

Mdm JungYeonMi explained “All his teachers said he is good in studies to the extent that it shouldn’t be a problem for him to get into Seoul University (One of the best University in Koera). As a parent, we hope that he can continue to study rather than to go into sports or entertainment business, but in the end his strict father took charge so he didn’t get into soccer.”

Though he is usually quiet, his talents were already shown little by little. Kim HyunJoong would always be the person-in-charge of entertainment without fail during excursions, making the atmosphere better.

The talents, which melted in him, gradually became stronger when he went into middle school. He slowly started to rebel against his parents’ wish for him to continue studying.

Credits : sportschosun.com + SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com