Another episode of Infinity Girls that would remind us all JoongBoers of the SsangChu couple..

This time, the girls have filmed by the beach..

It is sad that this time around, Buin is not with Sshillang.. 😦

They also had mini-games..

How competitive HwangBo will be now that Sshillang is not with her..

It seems that all i can talk about is our favorite couple.. Mianhe..

I cant seem to get over them..

It has just been 2 months.. and I think it will take a while before i can move on..


The other side of HwangBo.. These are her pics in one of her recent charity activities.. I really admire HwangBo!! 


Aren’t SsangChu couple great??? Let us all be proud (all joongboers around the world) that we are supporting not just two talented artists but great individuals as well..