This article is funny.. It shows the relationship of HyunJoong to F3..


In a telephone interview on KBS Cool FM Hong Jin Kyung’s Entertainment Open Space yesterday afternoon, Kim Hyun Joong was asked to express his thoughts in a humorous manner towards his co-stars in Boys Before Flowers and he duly obliged with his answers.

“Min Ho ah, you are too tall. When we are filming using a long shot, I look shorter than you, really pisses (jokingly) me off. Don’t walk with me next time.” Towards Kim Bum, he said, “Kim Bum, do you still want to be an artiste in future? Your “secret” photos are in my hands, if you don’t listen properly to what I say in future, I will distribute them to everyone!”


Hyun Joong’s answers was probably too interesting which led to Kim Bum and Lee Min Ho who was beside him while he was on the phone to burst out laughing and could be heard over the airwaves. Finally, Hyun Joong wrapped up the segment by commenting on Kim Joon, “You always bet with me when we play a game of pool even though you know that I am bad at it. Hyung, you are such a good person, just lose to me once alright?”

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