Pretty boy Kim HyunJoong revealed about plans to go to USA to study.

Reports from Sports Korea on 25-Feb states that Kim HyunJoong will finish filming for KBS 2TV drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’ in March and then leave for USA to study.

Kim HyunJoong revealed in that interview “I would leave to USA for my studies by this summer at the earliest. I’ve decided on this USA trip in order to learn dancing from a famous dance team in USA.”

Kim HyunJoong continued “I am currently devoted to filming of the drama, but I am worried about how I can show myself as a singer. Fortunately, my company is supportive about it.” These are reported by that media company.

Kim HyunJoong will stay in USA for about 6 months from this summer to learn dancing. Kim HyunJoong has been studying English from 2007 onwards and has been carefully saving for his overseas studies fee from last year onwards.

However, his company said that Kim HyunJoong’s overseas study has not been confirmed yet due to SS501 activities.

In order to improve as a singer, Kim HyunJoong has decided to go over to USA to study but it is no doubt that it will affect the group’s activities.

Kim HyunJoong delayed his group activities because of his activities after the drama filming ends, he will be expected to have a very tight-packed schedules for some time and will be very busy.

SS501 has planned to have an Asia Tour in July in Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, etc.

Meanwhile, Kim HyunJoong is popular with his role as Yoon JiHoo in drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’, gaining popularity from the drama syndrome.

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Prettyboy Kim HyunJoong Wants to go USA for Study but Agonized by SS501 Activities

Acting as Yoon JiHoo in KBS ‘Boys Over Flowers, Kim HyunJoong revealed in one interview on 25-Feb about his plans to study in USA.

Kim HyunJoong revealed that he will end the filming for ‘Boys Over Flowers’ in March and will leave for USA to stay about 6 months to learn dancing.

He said “I am now devoted to filming of the drama, but I want to show a better image as a singer (SS501). My company has been supportive about this.”

However, after the filming ends for ‘Boys Over Flowers’, he still has a lot of schedules which was pushed back, so it seems like it would be difficult to actualize his overseas studies.

His company revealed “It is difficult to confirm his overseas study in USA based on his schedules.” The company representative said that there will be promotional activities in Japan for ‘Boys Over Flowers’ in April and then release of SS501 official album in July which they will have their activities for that and also have their Asia tour.


Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @