KBS 2TV “Happy Together Season 3′, with the help of the cast of the drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’, had high ratings.

Aired last February 26, ‘Happy Together’ guested the cast of the best drama currently being aired in the city ‘Boys Over Flowers’ namely Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Joon and Gu Hye Sun. They also had Kim Kyu Jong of SS501.


According to the ratings research company TNS Media Korea, ‘Happy Together’ recorded 21.2% nationwide ratings, increased by 5% compared to last years 16.2%.




Meanwhile.. Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Joon and Gu Hye Sun appeared on the show to capture the story behind the overwhelming interest of the fans on  ‘Boys Over Flowers’.




You can watch the whole episode thru these links..


part1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hW9nLAaNdgc
part2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gfzss1kx3DA
part3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dYpBP07XoQc
part4: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1kUtWQ5nR28
part5: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ivuq0punAss
part6: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tBTnLgtFoCA
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dunlop09 of soompi was so kind to translate parts of the episode for the non-korean viewers..

 Some summary of the show for those of you that cannot speak Korean

GHS talked about an incident that happened between her and the fans
“Since I wear a uniform when I’m shooting, when I’m amongst students I tend to blend in. So after the shooting, we’re(LMH and GHS) supposed to go our separate ways. But since GJP is so tall, all the students can see him and migrate towards him. And I’m in the crowd getting pushed around, ‘Move, move!’ And then they see my face and go, ‘huh? It’s GHS! ahhh'”

And she said that she got injured at the diving scene because she hurt her back once while she was diving. She said when she tried to dive another way, so that her back won’t hurt anymore, she hit her head on the floor.

GHS is not actually the oldest, Kim Joon is the same age as GHS. But he said he just follows the other guys and calls her noona while GHS calls her oppa, while KHJ just wishes they would just be friends

KHJ said aside from learning the violin, he had to learn to use chopsticks the right way. I guess it wasn’t really the right way before, but because his character is the president’s grandson, they thought the character wouldn’t be right without it

And I felt bad for them when they said they sometimes had to reshoot the scenes inside if they could see vapor come out of their mouth. GHS said they would reshoot it with ice cubes in their mouth

When asked who is most like their character, KHJ said KB because KB is so much more mature even though he is the youngest. Sometimes KHJ thinks of him as older than he really is. Kim Joon said that GHS is the most like her character, because she has such a bright personality and eats a lot.

KHJ and KB expressed how hard and tiring the schedule is. They joked around by saying that they wished someone would get sick so that they could have some time off. They made fun of GHS saying that you would think GHS would be the one to faint or get sick because she has it the hardest, but actually she is the healthiest and strongest.

Helicopter scene in New Caledonia: they did really go on a helicopter, but the scene was actually shot in a Korean airport. They wore the clothes they wore in New Caledonia (even though it was winter in korea) and they put ice cubes in their mouth(so that there would be no vapor). The only part of that that was shot in New Caledonia was the island view

The horse riding scene: KHJ and LMH shot it differently. KHJ went first, and he had to actually ride the horse because he said they couldn’t imitate the speed of it or something. So they tied the horse of a leash with KHJ on it, and let it run in circles while the camera man stood in the middle turning with them. They couldn’t film LMH’s till the next day because it already got dark. But the next day, he didn’t have to ride the horse, they found another way to imitate it.

Motor Cycle Scenes: Because of the cold weather, the battery died really easily. So they had to find a way around that, and we saw this in one of the NGs where KHJ pretends he was riding one

JD’s kicking scene: GHS did everything until the part where JD kicks him. But it was hard to match the motions of the stunt actress and GHS, so after she yells at him, she just spins around. And while she was spinning, they switched the scene to the stunt actress

When asked what character they would want to play if they were recasted, KJ said it would be great to play a charismatic character like JP who can order people around. But KHJ said he would always pick JH.

GHS once wrote a letter to the president. Back then in Korean schools, typically the one she went to, they wouldn’t let the girls have hair longer than 1cm below their ear. Then her friend got in trouble because I guess it was longer, so the teacher took scissors and cut it off. And GHS seeing her friend so unhappy, decided something had to be done, and wrote a letter to the president. She never knew the real adress.. and she never knew if it got there or not. But she really is like JD!

Kim Joon’s school picture: some people said he looked like Jang Dong Gun(an actor) while others said he looked like Mr. Bean


It was mentioned that GHS actually had a concussion from her diving pool accident. And she still hasn’t had time to receive treatment. One of the MC joked around and said,”So you must not really be in your right mind right now.” But I just wanted to point this part out because it shows how hard they are working… even with KB and his leg, he can’t rest because of the tight schedule. They should have like a week off so KB and GHS can go to the hospital and the rest of the cast can rest



OMo!!! Look how cute Sshillang is.. His smiles just melts me.. 😛





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