Episode 17 (w/ Eng Captions)

 Episode Translation

The first scene is Joon Pyo walking out of the school.
Following after him is Jae Kyung calling out, “Joon~”
(I didn’t listen carefully so I don’t know if she said Joon or Joon Pyo.)
And she reaches Joon Pyo and links arms with him…
Then she tells him that if she wants to do these 99 things with her boyfriend.
Joon Pyo tells her that when she gets a boyfriend later to do those things with him.
Jae Kyung keeps on walking next to Joon Pyo bothering him
She tells him that she wants them to do one of the 99 things everyday.
And when they reach the 100th day, they finally become official boyfriend and girlfriend
And since today is the first day, they have to do two things.

The scene changes and . . .
JiHoo and Jandi are outside together
JiHoo looks at Jandi and says that she is like . . . (I didn’t hear this part)
Jandi says that if she could choose, she would become the Mermaid princess.
JiHoo said that that was not possible.
Because the mermaid’s love story ends up bursting like a bubble.
Jandi’s stomach growls and they go eat.

The scene changes and it’s JP’s house.
JP comes down to the dining room but . . .
His mom and JK are sitting down at the table.
JP calls her a monkey then asks her what she is doing here in the morning.
And he sits at the table.
The mom tells JP that calling JK a monkey is inappropriate.
JK says it’s okay because she is already used to it.
The mom says that JK’s heart is pure because she grew up purely.
JK says that that is not true and says that she has met a new friend.
She says that her friend’s manners aren’t that nice but she’s has a very good and pure heart.
JP figures out that she is talking about JD.
JP grabs JK’s wrist and drags her out.
He tells her that they are going to be late…..

The scene changes . . .
JK grabs JD’s hand and they go to JK’s house.
A box is brought out
Then JK goes, “If I give this to JP will he like it?”
When opened, there are couple rings.
Engraved on the rings are J&J
JD asks if it stands for JK and JP
(IDK on this part.) Seeing these engraved, heart felt weird.
(If somebody could translate this I would really appreciate it!)
JD is sad

The scene changes . . .
LJ walks into the work room and when turning on the light
He sees his dad kissing another woman.
LJ tells his dad something
He tells him that if he keeps this up he will move the work room.

The scene changes .. .
GE comes in and peeks through the door
She sees EunJae
EunJae sees GE looking and tells her it’s a pleasure to meet her.

The scene changes . . .
LJ and his older brother come out
The brother breaks this porcelain
LJ asks him why and
The brother says that grandfather chose LJ as the successor.

credit: Q-Park@soompi

Episode 18

Credit to hoonfamily of yt