March 2009

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Kim Hyun Joong, on the other hand, has been only too happy to share his goodbyes with fans. After reportedly spending a bomb on gifts and a personally organised “Goodbye Yoon Ji Hoo” session, fans are reciprocating by forever cementing “Korea’s sunbae” in history. The whole lot of them got together on March 27th to organise a special fund-raising event that amounted to 3.5 mil won. As a final ’send-off’, fans donated the hefty cheque to a charitable organisation under the name of Yoon Ji Hoo instead of KHJ.

And to further express their gratitude or whatever leftover infatuations they had for the fictional character, fans came together again to buy a newspaper advert to send a shoutout to their beloved Ji Hoo sunbae / Kim Hyun Joong.


(Huge text reads: Goodbye Yoon Ji Hoo, Thank You Kim Hyun Joong!)

Oh the extent to which fans can do things…

not only that..


I’m not sure whether it was Kim HyunJoong or his DC fans in behalf of KHJ who donated 3.5 million won to The Beautiful Foundation..

I’m leaning more towards thinking that  it is his fans who donated..

At the same time that KHJ will be holding his free-of-charge fan meet, his fans did their part as they donated to a charity foundation..

I guess his fans are just giving back the generosity they have received from Kim HyunJoong..

Korean fans are really amazing! I mean 3.5 million won is not a small amount!

Updates! Updates! Lots of Updates inside! 😉

It’s HwangBo’s turn to strut the catwalk!

Last March 29, HwangBo with the rest of the moohan/infinity girls graced day four of seoul fashion week 2009 as they modeled Im SeoNoc’s work..

Watch how they fared as models for a day!

pix inside 😉

Kim HyunJOong is featured in A’STA TV4..

He is the Cover and Centerfold for the april 2009 issue..

The Magazine is full of Kim HyunJoong! Yey!! 😉

full of KHJ inside 🙂

Gosh! the last 2 episodes of the series..

Can’t believe that we are about to finally see the conclusion of this series..

Both previews are not english subbed.. But ep24 has a summary with it..

Ep 24..

Ep25 though has no released translations or summary yet..

Will post it right away once it is released..

Ep25 with Eng Subs..

videos credit to hoonfamily of yt

ep24 preview summary + Ep25 trans inside 😉

The first time i have encountered this.. I did not pay any attention of it..

Thought that its just one silly joke! But I did not like the joke even then..

The joke was.. One Netizen has identified KHJ’s expression to  a pomeranian 😦 (is this a pomeranian??? )

Oh well I guess.. It depends on the person’s humor on how he/she will take the joke.. But.. sadly for me.. it’s not a good joke.. 😦

hu! hu! hu! 😦

Kim HyunJoong strut the catwalk today, March26 at the Seoul Fashion Week 2009 spring collection under designer Han SangHyeok..

He was the celebrity model who appeared in the finale of the show..

KHJ strutting inside 😉

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