KBS2TV Boys Before Flowers will only be showing 1 new episode this week.

At around 1 this afternoon, KBS drama department representative Song Byung Joon, director Jun Ki Sang, etc had got together for an emergency meeting to discuss the situation. According to someone who was at the meeting, “The decision has been made to stop the broadcast. After discussions, we have decided to only show 1 episode this week.”

Female lead Goo Hye Sun had been involved in a car accident this past Friday morning and developed visible facial injuries after treatment, causing her to miss filming.


According to sources, Goo Hye Sun has been hospitalized for the past few days since being admitted for treatment. Although her injuries weren’t anything serious, the visible swelling on her face meant that she has no choice but to skip filming. Representative Song Byung Joon visited Goo Hye Sun yesterday at the hospital and told her that broadcast will be stopped this week, and that she didn’t need to rush herself back. Goo Hye Sun appears in most of the scenes for episode 17, 18 so there was no other alternative but to wait for her return. She herself expressed that she will return as soon as possible within 2 days.

It was revealed that co-star Kim Hyun Joong had also visited Goo Hye Sun in the hospital shortly after the conclusion of the 45th Baeksang Awards ceremony. According to a DSP representative, “He said a lot to console Goo Hye Sun and had been really worried about her injuries. He was actually pretty worried after receiving the news. He also told her to get well quickly and he will see her back at the filming set.”

(below pictures are from drama, not the actual hospital)

If you are wondering why did Lee Min Ho not visit her, well he went straight back to filming after the ceremony, for the filming of scenes with Lee Min Jung, his fiance in the drama.

From the latest update, there will still be Boys Before Flowers tomorrow but it will be a special talkshow consisting of highlight scenes, cut scenes and NG scenes with Episode 17 following on Tuesday. Normal schedule will resume next week. The halt in broadcast is not new in the industry. SBS Painter of the Wind was halted for 1 week after Moon Geun Young was injured during filming. MBC Wolf (only aired for 3 episodes) production was stopped entirely after Eric Mun suffered serious injuries from a stunt gone wrong during filming.

Even if they managed to clear this week’s episodes, it doesn’t hide the fact that the Korean drama system of filming and then broadcasting it a few days later isn’t actually the best working enviroment for all involved with the production.


credit to coolsmurf via allkpop.com