Badly photoshopped fanpic of JoongBo!!! har har har!


OMO!!! I dont think i can take this!!! Are there any JiPyo shippers in here???


And.. I found out the reason why HwangBo is being quiet nowadays was because she was preparing for her album which will be coming later of this year..

She has said this herself during her recent guesting in an Mnet program..

You can read the whole translation of the interview in here..

Thank you sari!!! Everyone who love HwangBo.. Let us unite and Join the US cyworld Club of HwangBo!

We’ll wait for your comeback HwangBossi!!!

More pics of sexy Hwang Buin from her Mnet guesting..


One more thing that I really admire on Kim HyunJoong was his respect to his seniors.. On the recent 45th Baeksang Award, he greeted one of the respected veteran actors of the korean industry, Lee Soon Jae! just shows how well mannered this boy is! His parents must have done something right in rearing him up!

credit as labeled..


And remember how Kim Hyun Joong joked about how tall Lee MinHo is??? Well, these screen caps  just emphasized it!!! LOL!!!

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