This is such a sad episode.. 😦 HwangBo and the rest of the girls cried during the show..

Jung Siah will be leaving the Moohan Girls.. As she will be getting married tomorrow..  March 7..

I really hate Goodbyes and farewells.. every aspect of it.. 😦



Wish  HwangBo to be the next one getting married.. We have all heard her saying that she’ll get married at the age 35..

Well guys.. Kim Hyun Joong has now publicly announced that he wants to get married before the age of 30..

Hmmmm.. don’t you think that this is a little bit planned between these two???

To read the whole article..the 5th part of KHJ’s star diary.. pls. refer to this link..

Star Diary (5) HJL, “Get married to, a free & easy woman before 30”