Yey!!! Here are the pictures from the LA ‘Compassion 2009’ Event..

HwangBo sang ‘Mature’ on the event.. She’s so pretty in her yellow dress.. she looks sooo youthful to me! I have always loved this song.. the lyrics and the message of the song is beautiful.. same as Kim Hyun Joong’s song ‘Thank You’ .. even their songs are the same and compatible!!! lol~~!

As a certified JoongBoholic or JoongBo addict, my brain automatically links the song to HyunJoong.. remember Sshillang used the lyrics of this song during his surprise birthday serenade to Buin?? Now I wonder if HyunJoong crossed HwangBo’s mind while singing this song.. This is just another **wishfull thinking** from a joongboholic like me..


video credit: baidu


pictures are shared and credited to baidu and cheepy100 of soompi