Kim Hyunjoong bought the phone he endorses. Kim Hyunjoong is currently endorsing Anycall’s new model ‘Haptic Pop’ together with his co-stars from the popular KBS2 drama [Boys Over Flowers].

Recently, Hyunjoong bought this Haptic Pop phone off the counter recently. A fan expressed “I thought he’d be given this phone free because of the CF but I didn’t expect him to buy it himself. It’s pretty cool.”

Kim Hyunjoong usually says “If I like something, I’ll buy it myself, its enough if you like SS501’s music” and rejects all his presents. A representative from DSP Entertainment also said “He doesn’t accept expensive presents from fans”

Kim Hyunjoong is currently acting as Yoon Ji Hoo in [Boys Over Flowers] as the grandson of a president.

Translated by: Sparkskey + Quainte501
Credits: Newsis

Incidentally, that news became yesterday’s hot topic, ranking 8th on Daum’s most searched list.



reading this news just shows what kind of a man Kim Hyun Joong is..