Kim HyunJoong must be really big now in Korea to be featured on Entertainment Relay’s Guerilla Date especially if it is to be broadcasted on the White Day..

What a treat for the ladies!!! Sweet as candies!!!

can’t wait to watch it in KBS World!! 🙂


Kim Hyun-joong getting ready to go on the Gyro Drop. It takes you 30 stories high and then whooosh! It drops you…

It looks like Kim Hyun-joongdecides to go to Lotte World /Magic Land for his “Guerilla Date” segment on Entertainment Relay. In the entertainment program, celebrities are taken for a walk along the streets or in a public place and is interviewed by one of the hosts on the show.

Kim Hyun-joong (23) took a break from filming KBS2 drama Boys Before Flowers for his interview. Fondly known as Ji-hoo sunbae(지후선배) in the drama, the 23 year-old singer/actor looked just as charming and romantic as his character. Although he was rather playful in this interview session. He challenged the reporter to taking the Gyro Drop — a heart stopping exhilarating ride in the amusement park. Hyun-joong’s “Guerilla Date” will be broadcast on White Day (March 14) on KBS2, 9:50pm.

Don’t forget, you have a date with me on White Day!


Source: Newsen StarNews via k-popped


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