Hello Guys!!!  I’m stealing time to update this blog.. hehehe..

sssshhh.. i’m not  supposed to be here.. lol~!

i really have to do this really quick and i’m sorry  if cannot post all of the recent news on our favorite couple..

I really miss blogging Ssangchu couple.. and of course i also miss reading your comments.. 🙂

Thank you so much for continuing to visit this site even though its not moving for the past few days.. your visits and comments really motivates me to search and look up for more updates about JoongBo..

I’ll make a separate update on JoongBo since i think one post for both of them will get a bit crowded..

For the days that i was refraining myself to surf the internet for updates, there was so much happenings on Kim HyunJoong and HwangBo.. Well, more on HyunJoong.. so I’ll take on HwangBuin first..

see you on my next post.. 🙂