Pics and Videos of HwangBo on Compassion 2009 at Washington DC..

She was singing ‘Mature’ in here.. to watch her performance.. its on the video below..

HwangBo performing with the ‘I am Compassion’ group..


Video of the group performance..

pictures and videos are credited to BAidu



Fan accounts that they have met HwangBo in LA and DC.. 🙂

I kindah envy them.. why does some guys just have all the luck.. 😦

This was taken in March 8..

She came to my church last Sunday (March 8) in Anaheim, CA to do this concert thing.
My mother has connections =]

Hwango! I had two other photos with her, but it looks weird.
I also gave her two snoopy dolls and a really cute shirt from knott’s, since I work there
And I also gave her a long letter written in korean!

I was super excited to see her since she’s my role model, and I was waiting outside
her tour bus and she finally came out and the director was like “This is _______’s daughter!”
And she was like “Ohhhhhhh :)” and then I gave her my bag of gifts and she was like 귀여워!
Then after that, she said “쏘 큐트!” (So cute), and I asked if we could take pictures and she
gladly did =] I was happy<3. 

– yg bigbang of soompi

 this one was in Washington.. credit: Daum + imur100 of soompi


One fan also shared that

They got to hold hands with HB, which they said were warms. HB is very pretty, caring, and nice
She asked them where did they get her CD in US when they asked her to sign it.
She took pictures with people and talked to them one by one
The compassion performance was 2 and 1/2 hours long but they said it was a memory that they wouldn’t forget. They said HB is surrounded by good people (I guess her friends
For the ssangchune fans (yes..of course there was this part), someone needs to translate it better but I think that one of them mentioned about ssangchune and HB said,”Now together, to the world”

translated by cheepy100 of soompi



As HB was putting luggage on the bus, she ever so politely stopped in the middle of the bus to sign all the black and white pictures(of her).
as I was watching her from outside..
I wondered why it was taking her so long to sign mere 5 pages,
but then when she left, and I looked at the signed pages, I saw that she had written different messages on each page.
on the first page, “WGM Ssanchoo’s”, just as we asked for
on the second page, her signature, the date, a thank you
on the third page, God bless you, on the fourth page “until we meet again”…
she wrote all these so kindly T.T and do you know what happened? to the people that were surrounding her, she grinned that sort of grin implying ‘you guys all know right?’
and she raised her right hand and said “now~ everyone~” and we all shouted together “to the world!!!” ^

translated by koggiri of soompi


***Thank you so much for translating.. 🙂



New updates from HwangBo’s cyworld..

She posted a picture while she was in a chinese restaurant in LA..

I wonder if Buin is relaying a hidden message on this picture.. lol~~!



Updates on Infinity Girls

Jung Siah shall be replaced by the girl who is more popularly known as Song Hye Kyo’s look-a-like..


And someone had mentioned this.. from the recent episode of Infinity Girls..

This was the PUNK wh0 dared to kiss HwangBo on the show!!! He think he’s funny???? Even though how funny he think it was, I just can’t watch it!!! I actually want to vomit!!! It was just soooo yucky!!! I think he’s already harrasing her.. YUCK!!!

I think HwangBo felt that way too..

Was I too mean with my reaction?? I was really pissed!!!

infinity girls screen caps credit to 4eita of soompi