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F4 Relay Interview – Kim HyunJoong, “Wants to act with Hyori” -long interview

Kim Hyunjoong (23) is truthful and unique. When he talks about the gentle and tender character- Yoon Ji Hoo, which he plays in KBS2TV’s drama [Boys Over Flowers], he said “When I had to say my character’s mushy lines, it feels like my fingers and toes are curling. Through the script, I’ve said words that I thought I would never use in my entire life”


As the leader of male group SS501, he has taken on the new challenge of acting through the drama [Boys Over Flowers], we asked Kim Hyunjoong questions that readers of IS are curious about.

–Who would you like to meet most?
HJ: Of course, Seo Tae Ji. I listened to all kinds of music since young, including overseas music, and especially adored those of the rock genre. My favorite song when I was in school was ‘I know’ by Seo Tae Ji and boys. I was shocked that such a song could come from our country. When I heard ‘Ultramania’, I decided to be a singer. I would like to greet this senior that I respect, and after that we could share our views on music.
—- Did you cultivate any skills or specialties in school?
HJ: I was the bass player for a band I joined in high school. I can play the guitar pretty well. If there’s a new theme in music, I take pleasure in expressing that theme through guitar. During our stay in Japan, I could spend entire days looking for exotic/rare guitars. That’s how much I love them.

—- Who’s on your #1 speed dial on your hand phone?
HJ: Although I’m stupid, I can memorize most of the phone numbers that I call. So, there’s no need for me to use speed dial function.

— What do you always carry around in your bag?
HJ: Contact lens, eye medication, electric shaver to shave my mustache, underwear and socks that I’ve prepared for overnight filming.

— Which female actress do you want to act with?
HJ: Hyori nuna. She was my ideal style even before my debut, and after I debuted, she became a senior that advised us, someone I’m grateful for. I would like to do something together to show her how much I’ve matured.

—Do you have a place you want to travel to? And who would you like to go with?
HJ: Since young, I’ve always been staying around Songpa-gu. My friends that I’ve spent most of my life with. When I’m with my friends, I wouldn’t be afraid of anything. Going around the world with friends, trying new things, testing our limits.. It’d be unbelievable.

— What’s your motto in life?
HJ: Work hard, let your name be known, help those in need to earn other’s respect

—- Your jinx? Or habits?
HJ: I don’t have a jinx. As for habits, I always treat others to meals no matter where I am and listen to music or go fishing whenever I’m stressed.

— If your parents forbid your marriage like Gu Jun Pyo’s parents did?
HJ: Continue to persevere. I need to be responsible for my own life, and at the same time the person who wants to spend her entire life with me needs to be mentally prepared that problems might arise between my parents and her.

—- How’s your alcohol tolerance level? What kind of alcohol do you like best? Where and who do you drink with?
HJ: I can drink a lot. Soju. With members or friends. I can drink even in a simple tavern. I like soju, pork boned ribs, and kimchi best.

— What has changed since you became part of F4?
HJ: The age range of people who know me became wider. Yoon Ji Hoo seems to have become a chance for me to create another Kim Hyun Joong.

— When was the most dangerous point in your life?
HJ: When filming MBC’s ‘We Got Married’, we went to Hallasan in Jeju Island for our breaking-up trip. I took 5 hours to go up and 2 hours to come down. I thought it was easy going up, rashly climbing up the mountain, and I got a stitch. When coming down, I just started running and it was like I couldn’t stop, so I ran non-stop down the mountain in 2 hours. I collapsed from exhaustion when I got back to hostel. I couldn’t even film the last interview.

—- If you win the lotto and got 100 billion won, how would you use the money?
HJ: I would give 50 billion to my parents, 10 billion to Lee Ho Yeon, President of DSP Entertainment, donate 20 billion won and split the remaining 20 billion with my friends

— Do you have a secret to good skin? What’s the secret to your great skin on [Boys Over Flowers]?
HJ: I go to the dermatologist for treatments very often. Was I too honest? Keke. I work hard in washing my face cleanly.

— My sleeping habit is?
HJ: Just wearing underwear to bed. Since young I couldn’t stand being warm so I’ve always just worn my underwear to bed. It’s really nice and cooling when the blanket touches your skin and I like that.

—- Do you read the reviews online?
HJ: I don’t read bad ones. When I see the good reviews that my fans left for me on my fan page, I feel a sense of accomplishment. I don’t really write a lot of public entries, but I do write my feelings on private entries. I do write some stuff that are pretty harsh on myself. I often go on Daum.

—- If you have a girlfriend, or if you have one now, what term of endearment will you call her?
HJ: Just by her name. I’m not like Yoon Ji Hoo, nor do I have a very gentle character. I want my girlfriend to have a comfortable relationship with me, just like friends.

—- When was your last girlfriend? How old was she? What did she do?
HJ: We broke up after I debuted. Hehe

— What do you want to receive from your girlfriend?
HJ: Compared to receiving, I’m better at giving. Even if I want something, I wouldn’t say it, I’ll just buy it myself. I’m not stingy when it comes to giving things to the person I’m most thankful for.

—- What are you most envious about your other F4 members?
HJ: Minho’s height, Bummie’s youth, Junnie’s character?

—- If I gave you a day, what would you do?
HJ: I just want to sleep the whole day

—-How do you manage your income?
HJ: Since young, I’ve been doing part time jobs and then managing my own income. My parents trust me.

—- What’s the luckiest thing that has happened to you so far?
HJ: My close friends who have been with me since elementary school? And for being with my members in the group SS501.

Translated by: Sparkskey@Quainte501
Credits: SS601+ Joongang



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Kim HyunJoong’s new single included in BOF’s 2nd OST..

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