HwangBo MV ‘Pretty Girl’ by Kara.. I don’t usually post MVs.. but i guess i’ll make an exception with this one.. coz HwangBo is really a pretty girl and she suits the song..

I’m sure you have seen most of the pictures in this video.. but.. still.. I enjoyed it..

credit: as labeled and Daum TV

these are hot pix for NYLON i heard.. sorry.. I don’t have the slightest idea what nylon is.. 😦

pictures credit to Baidu


And HwangBo will be guesting this monday, March 30, on Come To Play.. It’s about celebrities with Blood Type A.. This was filmed before she went to US for her Compassion 2009 event.. I dont know what happened that they are just airing this now, after a month..

She will be guesting with Marco.. guess we’ll be seeing how close they are in here.. here are some of the advance Screen caps of the said show..


This is what she wore on the show..

credit: Daum + 4ieta of soompi