Here are some selca (self cam) moments of F4 and Guem JanDi on the BOF set.. Fooling around in between takes.. lol~~! 😀 These pictures has been spread around the net lately and has garnered alot of attention  from the netizen and has become a hot topic.. Because they were indeed cute!! 😛

I know this is super late.. but I cannot let this pass and not be included in this blog.. I felt that I just have to blog this.. Again.. For Blog Purposes.. hihi.. 🙂

The first 6 pictures were personally captioned by Kim HyunJoong..

caption translation: Selca right before filming. I don’t like my looks so i dont get why girls love my face…

caption translation: Studying my lines while my stylist plays with my hair. I tend to memorize with my eyes rather than using pens and highlighters

caption translation: Selcas of Bum Jun and me fooling around during break time. The poses are childish, but it helps us relieve our stress from all the filming

caption translation: The four members of F4. THere’s Minho, who i didn’t want to stand next to because he’s a head taller than me. There’s Bum, who says he wants to be an actor for a long time and Jun, who stole my money when he beat me in pool. lol

caption translation: This is the place where GeumJanDi (Gu Hyesun) and I always used to meet. This is the place where we taught each other to make hotcakes. I chose thin clothes because they looked the best but I got cold so my manager brought me a jacket. No point in looking good when I’m freezing right?

translations credit to SHINEE_jonghyun… of soompi

(left pic) Finished eating, time to get back to shooting. The weather is too cold, thus i wore the winter coat. Lines (from his script) ah, get into my brain quickly! (right pic) Learned how to play piano only after i grew up. When overnight shooting gets bored, when too tired until eyes cant be opened, playing the piano and singing is the best solution (to not fall asleep). Today’s song is ‘School Bell Dong Dong Dong’ Hehe. Ah, our shooting is like a never ending story!

translation creditto snolaxy84… of soompi




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03/19 [trans] Star Self-Cam (1) Truth on, ‘Sleepyhead’ F4, taken by Kim HyunJoong

03/19 [trans] Star Self-Cam (2) F4’s lunch time,, tired Minho is dozing