The first time i have encountered this.. I did not pay any attention of it..

Thought that its just one silly joke! But I did not like the joke even then..

The joke was.. One Netizen has identified KHJ’s expression to  a pomeranian 😦 (is this a pomeranian??? )

Oh well I guess.. It depends on the person’s humor on how he/she will take the joke.. But.. sadly for me.. it’s not a good joke.. 😦

Now.. what saddens me more is they have compared again his expression to a DOG! huhuhu~~~!!! 😦

I guess since because HyunJoong has a cute little face with puppy doe eyes.. they have relate him to a dog..

I like Dogs! they are my favorite animal.. I even have a dog which i love so much..

But it just saddens me.. 😦

Oh! What a heck!!

Just take it lightly and just laugh on it..

I know how to take a joke!

photos credit to K Bites