Gosh! the last 2 episodes of the series..

Can’t believe that we are about to finally see the conclusion of this series..

Both previews are not english subbed.. But ep24 has a summary with it..

Ep 24..

Ep25 though has no released translations or summary yet..

Will post it right away once it is released..

Ep25 with Eng Subs..

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 The summary of what happened in the Ep24 preview:

F3, Junhee, and Jandi are at the hospital waiting for Junpyo to get out of the operating room. The Witch comes with Assistant Jung and Junhee get’s up and yells at her are you happy now? are you going to say that this is all for the best for Shinwa because Junpyo is the heir (something like that)? Do you even know what your son likes to eat or do during his free time? Assistant Jung recieves a phone call saying that Junpyo’s operation went well. The Witch turns and leaves because she has a meeting in Hong Kong and as she leaves Junhee yells “Isn’t it enough that our dad is in a coma? What is more important to you, Junpyo or Shinwa?” The witch leaves with an annoyed and maybe even sad look on her face.

In scene Two, Jandi’s family moves back into their old house ( I think this is the works of the Witch).

The next scene is very short. Jihu meets Jandi at school and tell her that Junpyo has finally woken up. F3 and Jandi head to the hospital.

In scene three, F3 and Jandi are at the F4 clubhouse and are debating how they are going to bring back Junpyo’s memory of Jandi. The conclude that the only way to trigger his memory is to shock him with a memory of Jandi.

Scene 5, Jandi and F4 are at the hospital. F4 and Junpyo come out of the hospital and Jandi shoves an ice cream cone in his face and the number of Jandi Laundry on his forehead and tells him to call her when he remembers her. He gets pissed off because he can’t remember and doesn’t understand why Jandi shoved an ice cream in his face. Woo Bin concludes that they need a bigger shocker.

In the last scene, Jandi and Jihu are at the clinic. At the hospital, Jihu was about to punch Junpyo, but Jandi stopped him and she explains why,” I didn’t stop you from punching Junpyo because he might get hurt. I stopped him because I thought that you might hurt emotionally.” Jandi says “Why are your hands so cold” “How long did you wait for me?” and proceeds to warm his hands. Jihu responds by saying “The thing that is cold is your heart. In front of me to act so strong.” Jandi responds ” I am not acting strong, because you are next to me I have the strength to be strong.”

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Ep25 Preview Translation

GaEul: Now tell us… What’s going on?
WooBin: We have some news for JanDi, who is so busy with her part-time job she can’t even take care of her boyfriend.
JanDi: Huh?
YiJung: JoonPyo’s finally out of the hospital.
JD: Really?
GE: How could you wait until after you were done eating to tell us something that important?
WB: Hurry and go.
JD: I’ll be back.
GE: You’re not going?
YJ: Nope, I came because of you.

JanDi: Goo JunPyo, congratulations on…
YuMi (ugh): Oh look, it’s JanDi unni. Hi unni.
JD: Oh… hi. You’re here, too…
JunPyo: What are you doing here? JiHoo’s not here.
JD: Oh… I heard you were out of the hospital so I wanted to congratulate you.
JP: You’re ridiculous. Take care of your boyfriend instead. Does JiHoo know you’re going around like this?
JD: Hey, be careful what you say.
JP: What?
JD: JiHoo sunbae has no reason to have to hear such words from you.
JP: *some insignificant comeback that I couldn’t understand*
JD: Fine, I was wrong to come here. Take care of yourself.
YM: Why are you like that, oppa? You’re bad. Why are you being unnecessarily mean to her? Unni, don’t leave. They’ll be bringing tea soon. The tea here tastes really good. Stay and drink with us.
Servant girl (what do you call these?): The tea is ready.
YM: Yes, please bring it here. Unni, come here and sit.

YM: Unni, are you the person that JunPyo is supposed to remember?
JD: …
YM: Oh, it is you. But, as you can see, I think seeing you is bad for oppa. His condition gets worse every time he sees you. So I think it would be good if you didn’t come here for the time being. Don’t worry, I’ll try hard to make him naturally remember you. Bye!
JP: Make those for me.
YM: What?
JP: The lunchbox that you made for me last time.
YM: Lunchbox?
JP: The things that I ate at the hospital last time… egg rolls! Make those again for me.
YM: Oh, those? Okay, oppa. But… why do you want to eat those when there so many more delicious things to eat here?

JD: Sorry. Sunbae…
JH: Don’t run away.
JD: Let go of me.
JH: No. You can’t back out now.

*flashback of when she first got into ShinHwa High School*
JD’s mom: It seems like just yesterday you got into ShinHwa High School, and now you’re already graduating.
JanDi: Sorry, mom. Unlike others, I can’t go to college… or get a job…
GangSan: Noona, you don’t have to take a test to get into ShinHwa University… You can’t do that for med school?
JD: You have to take a test if you want to attend on a scholarship.
JDM: No… You’ve endured so much… Do what you want to now. By the way, what are you going to wear for graduation tomorrow?
JD: I’m not going! Why would I…
JDM: Are you not a ShinHwa High graduate? Why wouldn’t you go?
JD: Don’t worry about it.

YM: Try it.
JP: (tastes)
YM: What? It doesn’t taste good?
JP: This isn’t it.
YM: What?
JP: It’s not the same taste as before. Those… Did you really make those?
YM: Of course! Who else would make those? It’s because the taste changes from time to time. Next time, I’ll make them properly for you.
JP: (looks pained)
YM: Is there something you’re not feeling good about?
JP: That girl… JanDi or JapCho or whatever… Her expression… won’t erase from my mind…

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