I’m not sure whether it was Kim HyunJoong or his DC fans in behalf of KHJ who donated 3.5 million won to The Beautiful Foundation..

I’m leaning more towards thinking that  it is his fans who donated..

At the same time that KHJ will be holding his free-of-charge fan meet, his fans did their part as they donated to a charity foundation..

I guess his fans are just giving back the generosity they have received from Kim HyunJoong..

Korean fans are really amazing! I mean 3.5 million won is not a small amount!

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Speaking of KHJ’s fan meet, the day has come that KHJ will be able to finally give his gift to his fans.. It will be tomorrow!!! March 31! Gosh! how time flies!!! 😀

Korean fans are sooo lucky!

It is said that Kim HyunJoong has spent about 10 million won, out of his own pocket, for the said gathering!

What fans should expect from this event?? Well..

  • His fans will get the opportunity of watching BOF’s last episode with Kim HyunJoong..
  • Scenes that were edited out, unseen videos and NGs on BOF shall also be shown..
  • He will be singing his version of ‘Because I’m Stupid’..
  • The rest of the ss501 shall also be present on the event.. YeY!!
  • And Leader will be singing   for the first time his solo single that is included in ss5o1’s  special album..

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Kim HyunJoong to be admitted to Hospital on 03-Apr after ‘BOF’ ends to ‘receive treatment for accident side-effects’

‘Yoon JiHoo’ Kim HyunJoong will be admitted to hospital on 03-Apr to receive treatment and rest at the same time.

Kim HyunJoong who acts in KBS 2TV ‘Boys Over Flowers’ had completed his filming for the drama on 29-Mar. Kim HyunJoong will finish all his pre-arranged schedules including CF filming till 02-Apr and be admitted to the hospital.

Kim HyunJoong met up with an accident not long ago and suffered side-effects arising from it, however due to his busy schedules, he was not able to receive full treatment for it. In addition, he did not have sufficient rest, thus his condition is not good. Kim HyunJoong will stop almost all his activities by April to rest and concentrate on recovering his body.

Company DSP Media representative said to Newsen on 30-Mar through a telephone conversation “Drama filming ends on 29-Mar. The other outstanding schedules will be completed by 02-Apr and he will go to the hospital to receive treatment.”

Kim HyunJoong acts for the role Yoon JiHoo in ‘Boys Over Flowers’ who is a member of F4 and render love for female character Geum JanDi (Goo HyeSun). His role is very popular among female fans.


Credits : cox109@newsen.com + SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

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Kim Hyung Joong was Hacked


Well we all know Korean netizens have no life and here is yet another case. Kim Hyun Joong revealed, “Not that long ago, on SS501’s official homepage on the Tok Discussion Board, I heard that I left comments. It wasn’t me. It seems like somebody hacked into my ID.”

On SS501’s discussion board on the 19th~20th someone decided to be funny and left comments using the ID “Hyun Joong.” On the 19th, they wrote “Someone who knows how to make hot cakes.” and on the 20th “Nice to meet you. You guys who are here doing this are funny and childish.”

Kim Hyun Joong’s fans thought that it was really him and screencapped the comments and posted it on fan cafes & drama discussion boards. Kim Hyun Joong mentioned “At that time I was filming so I was unable to go to the homepage. Additionally, I don’t leave comments on the Tok Discussion Board.”

I  don’t understand what kind of fans give the singer bad publicity. I mean he is spending a hundred million won of his money to give them fan meeting. Not to mention he is a busy busy person, considering he has a love triangle to fulfill, songs to record, friends to make, chicken cfs to shoot, bags to design, runways to walk down, and the list can probably go on and on and on.


credit to sweetitude via allkpoop

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 This is touching!

DSP’s president wrote a message to Kim HyunJoong thru a newspaper.. not sure with the newspaper though..

We get to learn why Kim HyunJoong values ‘Big-Time’ his relationship with DSP’s president..

He is indeed like a father to him..

you can read the translation in here..

President of DSP, Lee HoYeon’s message to KHJ