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Kim Hyun Joong, on the other hand, has been only too happy to share his goodbyes with fans. After reportedly spending a bomb on gifts and a personally organised “Goodbye Yoon Ji Hoo” session, fans are reciprocating by forever cementing “Korea’s sunbae” in history. The whole lot of them got together on March 27th to organise a special fund-raising event that amounted to 3.5 mil won. As a final ’send-off’, fans donated the hefty cheque to a charitable organisation under the name of Yoon Ji Hoo instead of KHJ.

And to further express their gratitude or whatever leftover infatuations they had for the fictional character, fans came together again to buy a newspaper advert to send a shoutout to their beloved Ji Hoo sunbae / Kim Hyun Joong.


(Huge text reads: Goodbye Yoon Ji Hoo, Thank You Kim Hyun Joong!)

Oh the extent to which fans can do things…

news source: seoulbeats.com


Not only that! they have also bought one page of the newspaper for the ‘Goodbye, Yoon JiHu’ event..

As what I know.. a whole page of a newpaper is not cheap!

His korean fans are trully something!!! WoW!!