Before Kim HyunJoong appeared on stage, fans waved their placards writing ‘HyunJoong-ah, thanks for your hard work <3’ ‘Perfect Kim HyunJoong’ during the video of him acting.

There were also many Japanese fans around. In addition, F4 member Kim Bum and Kim Joon also attended, tripling the fans’ joy.

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Hosted by gagman Kim HyunKi, the event started with a short talk on finding the differences between Kim HyunJoong and Yoon JiHoo.

Answering to question “How much would you put in for the person you love?” Kim HyunJoong replied “I am able to give everything for the person I love.” And for the question “Something you did for the first time for the person you love?”, he replied “I folded about 300~400 cranes when I was in middle school. So I got an ‘okay’” He added his drama script line, “There are so many things that I have done for the first time because of you.”

For question “If you have a lover now, what would you like to give?” “I want cut her nails for her. I am very pro-active when I’m in a relationship. Will give all in for it.” he replied receiving an enormous cheer.

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Kim Bum and Kim Joon also went on stage and talked about their feelings towards each other.

Kim HyunJoong said “Lee MinHo has been admitted to the hospital thus not able to join us. This is my first drama and I have met these admirable friends who are good in acting. I will copy their acting style little by little and make it into my own.”

In addition, he said making the others laugh, “Though Kim Bum’s role is a Casanova, he is not a Casanova. Kim Joon hyung’s role is a regulator in F4, he is similar to that image in the drama. However, he is good at getting away from work and sneaking away. He has a mind of a swindler.”

Kim Joon said “Kim Bum is a friend who has many points to learn from and Kim HyunJoong is handsome but plays a lot of pranks and I knew he is shy with strangers but he is energetic.

Bum added “Kim Joon hyung is someone who is good at sneaking away and we were having a hard time because we always aren’t able to sneak away. Kim HyunJoong is a good colleague and friend. It is fortunate meeting with good people. There was once where Kim HyunJoong brought a camera and took funny photos and said that he will blackmail us.”

At 10pm, they sat on the chairs on the stage and watched the last episode of ‘Boys Over Flowers’ together with the fans. Even time when Kim HyunJoong appeared on screen, fans would let out squeals of excitement without fail. Kim HyunJoong also made an awkward smile to fans. Fans sang along to the soundtrack songs whenever it came out and constantly groaned to the regretful scenes.

After the drama ended, Kim HyunJoong revealed his thoughts “Thank you for loving me even though I’m still lacking in many ways. I hope you can keep the last broadcast today deep inside your heart. As much as the many fans of this drama all over Asia, I will work hard to become an admirable actor cum singer.”

Kim Bum added “All thanks for the generous love that we did it enjoyably.”
“Now that the drama ended, I will come back as Kim HyunJoong.” Kim HyunJoong said and performed his solo as well as with his group SS501.



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