GoodBye, Yoon JiHoo.. Welcome back, Kim HyunJoong!

The event started with the ‘famous’ jihoo scenes from the drama.

He sang Thank You as his opening song..


Then the emcee came out. they chatted and joked for awhile.


HyunJoong was then asked to play the guitar..


Then HyunJoong sang Because I’m Stupid. this was also live.


Next, Kim Bum and Kim Boon appeared on-stage.. They came to the event to give support to KHJ.. wish Lee MinHo was there too.. 😦


Then HyuJjoong sang ‘Happiness Is’..  again he sang live while kim bum and kim joon sat on the safe by the side of the stage. as he was singing, he was goofing around and touching the two boys’ faces. totally funny.


Then they watched the last epi of BoF. kim joon had to leave first; so hyun joong and kim bum sat on the sofa to watch the drama.

After the drama ended, the two stood up to greet and thank everyone. then kim bum left the stage.


hyun joong changed his outfit to something that’s quite rain’s style (bb: the white jacket with black gloves?) and did a solo… it was hot.


after that, the three guys from SS501 (triple S) came out and sang U R Man, and the trio also performed Because I’m Stupid. and then jung min appeared!!! and hyun joong also appeared, so the five of them sang together..

next, the five of them introduced themselves and chatted on-stage. and then they sang Make A Lover.

it feels so great to see the five of them on-stage again after so long. it’s wonderful to be able to come!!!


The event was held at Olympic stadium.. and the place was jam packed!!! amazing!

I think his audience were mostly female.. hahaha..



Sequence of the event was shared and translated from baidu by hapiebb of soompi..

picture credit as labeled..

video credit: hoonfamily of yt