Though JoongBoers officially celebrated the day that Kim HyunJoong and HwangBo married and first met last April 29 (can be seen in their love contract) as JoongBo’s anniversary..

Sadly.. I was not able to celebrate it with you guys.. 😦

I am actually celebrating it today.. May 11.. the day that i have laid eyes on these two beings!

Though at first they didn’t really drew my attention to them, they were like wine, where they grew subtly to my taste..

 It has been a year since i have watched them in We Got Married..

and I was never the same..

I have become more addicted to korean shows and dramas..

I have also learned a lot.. I learned how to blog (which i didn’t know could suck your energy out).. edit videos.. sub videos.. upload videos to youtube and other sites.. computer applications and software..

and you know what I’m most thankful for?

I have gained acquaintances and friends..

JoongBo brought colors to my life..

Hope you would accept my gratitude as signified by these flowers..


For continuing to visit my blog and checking up on me..

I really appreciate it..

Hope you can still wait for me until i can fully come back..