Hey Friends!

Have you heard of this??? HwangBo will be visiting the Philippines!

Anyone here from the Philippines??? 🙂


 She with the rest of the Infinity Girls  will be coming to Cebu, Philippines this May 16.. they will be staying I guess for 4 days.. so she will be in the Philippines from May 16 to 19..

HwangBo will be arriving on the 16th, around 1130 pm.. (not sure with the time, but i guess it will be very late)..

JoongBoer’s in the Phillipines, this is your chance!!! Stand and be heard!!! lol~~!

The ss501 boys has a new album in Japan entitled ‘All my Love’ which I think has 13 tracks..

And here’s a preview of one of it.. the title is Let’s Break Away..

Tell me..

Is it familiar?? Heard it before??

LOL~~! It was the same song that was featured in WGM when Buin visited Shillang in Japan.. Isn’t it cute???

I wish they would insert Buin’s recording..It would be a thrill for all us JoongBoers!!

video credit: Baidu