WoW!!! What a Body!!! that’s all I can say..

In the recent episode of Infinity Girls.. HwangBo sported this very sexy swimming get up..

I super like it.. I really dig her style..


pics credit: rainbow_08 of soompi and ssangchu heaven


~~ o ~~

On the other hand..

HwangBo is in the 23rd position in Top 70 Beautiful Asian Women(2009년 1월 기준) ranked by Jeanne Dininni..

You can visit the site through here..

Notes form the author:

When I speak of Asian, I am referring specifically to East Asian countries. Not that i don’t refer to other Asian countries as Asian, I just know more about East Asian entertainment. So I am sorry if anyone is offended that i didn’t include their country or favourite celebrities.

That aside, I have compiled a list of celebrities that i find are the most beautiful. I’m sure my list can’t fit everyone, and my knowledge of East Asian celebrities are only limited to the movies, dramas or music I know about, so if i have missed your favourite please forgive me. Introduce me to them and I will try to include them in future lists.

I tried to keep my list as current as possible, so i have left out alot of older celebrities. Not that I don’t think older women are beautiful, it’s just if i included every single female in history i would have a seriously long list.

So, don’t take this too seriously. Have fun and enjoy. Let’s celebrate real Asian beauty. ^^

01. Crystal Liu (China)
02. Michelle Reis (Hong Kong)
03. Kristy Yeung (Hong Kong)
04. Shin Ae (Korea) : 신애
05. Karena Lam (Hong Kong)
06. Kelly Lin (Taiwan/Hong Kong)
07. Son Dam Bi (Korea) : 손담비
08. Jeon Ji Hyun (Korea) : 전지현
09. Vivian Hsu (Taiwan)
10. Kyoko Fukada (Japan)
11. Linda Chung (Hong Kong)
12. Gaile Lok (Hong Kong)
13. Honey Lee (Korea) : 이하니
14. Ankie Black/Beilke (Hong Kong/ Germany/US)
15. Zhang Ziyi (China)
16. Ella Koon (Hong Kong)
17. Ruby Lin (Taiwan)
18. Rain Li (Hong Kong)
19. Angel Dong (China)
20. Maki Horikita (Japan)
21. Gigi Lai (Hong Kong)
22. Bernice Liu (Hong Kong)
23. Hwangbo (Korea): 황보
24. Eva Huang (China)
25. Lee Da Hae (Korea): 이다해


23. Hwangbo (Korea)

Singer, Actress.
Born 16th August 1980.

I first came to know Hwangbo from the popular variety show “We got married”. Hwangbo was a former member of the pop group Bros, and later became a member of Chakra, where she was the leader and rapper. In 2007 she released her solo album. She possesses a very funky sense of style and is very trendy. From “We got married”, we see the humourous, competitive and caring side of her, and this is what makes her really attractive. Throughout her career, apart from appearing on “We got married” she has also appeared on many other variety shows, revealing a tomboyish, down-to-earth personality. She has also appeared in two movies. Coupled with her attractive personality, her eyes and lips are also traits that make her very beautiful.