June 2009


I’m very pleased and sooo happy to tell you that the poll has officially ended and we won!!!! YiPeeee!!

The poll was for the ‘Best Fanclub in Korea’ and Triple S surely is the Best Fanclub..

1st: SS501 – 617,933,645                                                 2nd: Suju – 613,165,381

credit: Arongee of soompi

If you are wondering why it is so important that ss501 must win..

It is b’coz Triple S shall be guaranteed to occupy the best seats in the upcoming Korean Dream Concert in October 2009.. where various idol groups (boys and girls) shall be performing..

And wouldn’t it be a sight to see many Pearl light green balloons (ss501’s official color) to be everywhere and invading the concert area??

Based on the my blog stats.. More than 150 JoongBoers (from this blog) went to the poll site and took time to vote..

Hope our pointing fingers would still function normally.. and can still point upwards and not crooked.. to shout ‘To The World’~~!!!

Thank You so much.. I’m so happy and relieved that our boys will be backed-up by many Triple S in October..


Ss501 in the airport leaving Taiwan and are now bound to their next stop! HongKong!!! 

HongKong JoongBoers.. Let your presence be felt!!! Fighting~!

Seems like HJLeader is in a good mood.. ~~hmmmm..



Videos of ss501’s performances during their fanmeet in taiwan..


clear but short..

credit pupubob of yt

Longer one..

credit sujutvxqlove of yt

Kim Hyun Joong’s Sexy Dance
credit smarter44 of yt

video of performances inside.. 😉

Boys Over Flowers F4 Kim Joon and Kim Hyun Joong meet again.

They met to shoot the MV ‘Jun, Be Ok!’ solo song from Kim Joon off T-Max upcoming album. SS501 Kim Hyun Joong will star in the MV as well.

The MV was shot not long ago in a filming set in GyeongGiDo and Kim Hyun Joong had came to help out for Kim Joon’s first solo songs.

A staff said, “The 2 had continued their friendship from F4 in Boys Over Flowers. Especially since Kim Joon and Kim Hyun Joong are both in idol groups, they have many chances to work together through music. Kim Joon has also received many advices when preparing his first solo song.”

Kim Joon will also meet fans through his masculine features in the MV ‘Joon, Be OK!’.

Meanwhile, the upcoming album by T-Max will released on 9th July.


source: sookyeong via K-Bites



My Fave.. ~~Hahahaha!!



Friends..! I have read that this is prettily an important poll for the boys aside from the MKMF (Mnet Korean Music Festival)..

Let us help ss501 win this poll!! They are currently in the 1st place.. but Super Junior is not that far behind and are coming up fast..

So..How to vote..

Go to this link http://ipoll.kr/k_click/t.html (thank you Qiaohan for the heads up..)

the voting site will look like this..

pic credit: parkminnie.wordpress.com

  • Please find the ss501’s section and then press the button “up” .
  • Once the number reach “198” or “199” then, press the button” +” (I heard the number should not be 200, all the previous voting will be zeroed out).
  • It can be re-voted many times.
  • One just needs to wait for 3 seconds until the page refreshes.
  • Please use IE as the web browser.

more reminders and my rambllings inside.. >.<

Just Me.. ♥ 

My crazy mind gets ahead of me.. again.. sigh.. **Toink! Toink!!** LoL~~!



  • Errr.. are the boys into ‘To The World’ too??? LoL~~~!
  • Is JungMin smiling crazily coz he knows something and he gets to shout ‘To the World’???
  • ~~LoL!! YoungSaeng is shouting it 5 times.. all five fingers up!!!
  • HJLeader is just happy.. and its obvious in his face that he’s thinking of HwangBo while shouting it..
  • It seems that HJBaby and KyuJong has done it so many times (w/ HwangBo sister-in-law perhaps??) that it is pretty normal for them doing the ‘To The World’ thing..

Awwwww.. I love Kim HyunJoong’s brothers!!! They are the biggest JoongBoers in the whole wide world!!! 😀

Uhmm.. I’m sorry.. I’m not drunk.. and I’m not an addict..

Just joongbo addict..

It’s just that I didn’t get to take my medicine today..  😀 **joke.. joke** 😀

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