How fitting it is to re-discover what we didn’t seem to notice when it was first shown last year..

On WGM’s 15th episode.. the day joongbo had their outdoor fun was also the day that joongbo celebrated Sshillang’s birthday..

Now.. a year later.. a csi joongboer has re-discover this..

This was HwangBuin’s signature on HyunJoong’s white gypsy vest that she made for him..

HwangBo wrote on the vest.. ”To geoljosinrang Happy birthday..”

I’m thrilling to know that HwangBo made this vest as her birthday gift to her Sshillang.. therefore.. it is not just an ordinary vest..

I have come to know this thru dc inside.. I hope someone could verify this.. as I don’t read and speak korean..

But.. still.. this csi made my day..


csi and pic credit: dcinside