Kim Hyung Joon (HJB) recently hosted a radio show.. and his guest in his May 23 program was Kim Hyun Joong..

Watch the chemistry of the two KHJs who’s also known as Double HJ.. watch how leader teases the baby of the group.. LoL~~! 😀

And if your curious if HwangBo or JoongBo was mentioned?? Well.. the nearest thing that was brought up was about how HyunJoong got popular in WGM as a 4D creature..

But.. we can always get hints.. and CSI joongboers are the best! ! 😉


I think some of the callers on the radio that night tries to inject concealed joongbo questions toward Kim Hyun Joong..

Also HJbaby tried to be an accomplice by giving follow-up questions..

Maybe they are trying to get something out of HJLeader..

And he momentarily slipped..

he was going to say Bu.. (as in Buin) but he corrected himself right away..