SS501 Kim HyunJoong has been selected as the 1st place winner for the ‘male entertainer whom I want to receive kiss from’.


For the upcoming Kiss day on 14-Jun, Jewelry brand Styl Us by Goldendew put up a poll in May for their homepage members to vote on ‘Who is the male entertainer that I want to receive a kiss from?’ and the result of the poll is 34% to Kim HyunJoong making him first on the poll.

After Kim HyunJoong is Lee MinHo, who received a lot of popularity with his role of Goo JoonPyo in KBS 2 TV ‘Boys Over Flowers’, with 32% of the votes. Kim HyunJoong and Lee MinHo’s high support, and a mere 2% of difference in votes shows that ‘Flower Boys’ F4’s popularity are still at large.

After seeing Yoon JiHoo’s sweet kiss and Goo JoonPyo’s manly kiss in the drama, many female would choose to have sweet and gentle Kim HyunJoong’s kiss.

Song SeungHun (15%) comes in third place, followed by Jo InSung (13%) and Lee SeungGi (6%).



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Recent Haptic Mission Pics..

Seems like Kim HyunJoong is practicing some magic tricks..


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