Kim Hyun Joong, the Leader of ss501 was brought to the hospital at dawn of June 8 because he is unconcious from high fever. He is currently going through condition check-up and resting at the hospital. Due to this unexpected circumstance, his schedule in Thailand on 8-10 of June has to be postponed. However, the release of second album in July and Asia tour concert in the beginning of August is expected to be on schedule.

crédits: singerstar501 @ TripleS France

There hasn’t been any news or article in Korea about his hospitalization nor DSP has released any official word on this.. I don’t know if they are trying to cover it up..

I’m still hoping this is not true and just a rumor..

A Thai fan accounted that

I heard the news this moring that KHJ checked in at the airport in Seoul already but did not board the plane. A few of my friend flew from Bangkok to Koh Samui which was to be their final destination in Thailand just to find out that KHJ didn’t come.

Now we all know that the Thailand trip didn’t pushed thru.. but there hasn’t been any ss501 activity in korea also.. so, there must be something going on that DSP didn’t want their fans to know..

Fans cant help but worry about HJLeader.. I mean, this is his third fainting in what??? 6 months??? Gosssh.. I hope it’s not something serious..