Black clouds seems to be hovering over Kim Hyun Joong ever since his participation in Boys Before Flowers. Just check out all the previous articles on on Kim Hyun Joong and nearly all of them are about his ill health. We reported last week that Kim Hyun Joong had to be rushed to the hospital last week, after collapsing from high fever, causing SS501’s trip to Bangkok to be cancelled. He was also reported to be hospitalized for a week and SS501’s 1st Asia Concert Tour might be disrupted.

Exactly a week later, DSP Entertainment has finally come out, to try and dispel all the mysteries revolving around Kim Hyun Joong. They expressed, “Hyun Joong felt some discomfort on the 8th and he did went to a local medical facility for treatment. But he was not hospitalized and just got an injection, before leaving. We aren’t quite sure how the reports of him being hospitalized surfaced because it just didn’t happen.”

Kim Hyun Joong’s unusually heavy workload had persisted even after the conclusion of Boys Before Flowers and because of fatigue, DSP explained that he has been going to the hospital every day for treatment to alleviate the tiredness.

SS501 was originally scheduled for a trip to Koh Samui from 8 – 10th June to promote their 1st Asia Concert Tour. But that had to be shelved as DSP explained, “SS501 couldn’t make it for their flight because of Hyun Joong’s trip to the hospital. In addition, it was difficult to coordinate the re-arranged flights in and out of Seoul to Koh Samui at a short notice (3 days). It was impossible in the end as the schedules in Koh Samui and back in Korea were just too tight. But the trip to Koh Samui isn’t cancelled as we are rescheduling it to August. We hope that fans will not worry too much about this.”

 Kim Hyun Joong is currently recuperating at home and he will soon join his other SS501 members for the concert tour rehearsals. SS501 will also release their 2nd full-length album at the end of July, before starting their concert tour in Seoul on 1st August. From there, they will be flying to Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Thailand, etc for their concert tour until the end of the year.

The rough schedule of their concert tour:

1st, 2nd August – Seoul, S. Korea
13th August – Tokyo, Japan

The above are confirmed. The below are pending actual dates.

October – China, Hong Kong, Taiwan
November – Thailand
December – Malaysia, Singapore


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And here is the official statement from DSP Media Entertainment..


Hello. This is DSP Media.

< Details about news reports on HyunJoong >

There are many fans who are confused about the news reports about HyunJoong this morning,

Though you may have read various news reports

HyunJoong went to hospital on 6/8 due to symptoms of fatigue, he had an injection and received some basic treatments before leaving the hospital.

The correct reason for cancelling the Thailand schedule is that

The flight departing from Seoul was delayed so it would be difficult to reserve the connecting flight to Koh Samui,

It is not because of the tight schedules that they would have in Koh Samui.

This schedule has been postponed to August.

HyunJoong’s condition is fine unlike what was mentioned in news reports, so you don’t have to worry about it,

He will prepare for the concert with an even better health

And will show an even better image in the concert in August.

Thank you.

[ DSP Media ]


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