Is JungMin trying to spread and share the JoongBo love???

Watch and see what JungMin did that made the whole JoongBoDom crazy and wild!!! and I was one of them..

After watching it.. feels like I’m in heaven!!!



I knew it! Guys.. there’s another version of the above video..

I guess DSP wouldn’t approve to show the above video to all ss501’s fans.. It would create havoc in korea!! LoL..

Ooops.. I was wrong.. the 2nd video was for another music retail store in Taiwan..

Of course.. JungMin is still the center piece of this version..

Can You Spot the difference??

credit: minentertainment of yt

 On the 1st video..

 JungMin is teasing HyunJoong by dancing techtonik and singing jia-jia-jia in the tune of HB’s ‘Get Hot’ and pointing to HJ..

Jia-Jia, I think is the name of the music store in taiwan..

Everyone was shocked with Park JungMin’s act.. and by the way they are reacting and thru their expressions, you’ll know the group is keeping joongbo’s relationship a secret.. (assuming mode).. LoL..

To borrow Snolaxy’s (of soompi) description..

  • YoungSaeng: He’s usually quiet and expressionless, but he smirked.
  • HJB: He raised his hands to join in the dance for a second and puts it down quickly and turns back to professional mode.
  • Jungmin: He’s definitely enjoying the teasing, look at how he cant stop showing his pearly white smile
  • Kyujong: To me, he’s the one who did the worst at controling his expressions haha.. his pointing came later but probably cos he cant help smiling at what jungmin is doing.. love him!! then he looks to his left where i think the manager is and immediately stops the pointing and the smiling.. he even have to bit his own lips to keep them from smiling again
  • HJL: He’s definitely caught offguard for a second but immediately continues his speech.. i so want to know what happened after the filming ends!!


On the 2nd Video..

Look how stoned JungMin is.. Maybe he was kicked and bashed by everyone, and as the prick that he is, he just went catatonic and didn’t move a muscle for the whole duration of the clip..

Anyone who didn’t see the 1st video would sense that they are having a private joke or thing going on for JungMin to act that way..